About Chiang Mai Info

Chiangmaiinfo.com is a locally run website bringing you up-to date information on Chiang Mai city and province. We maintain an extensive directory of Chiang Mai businesses and organisations and encourage local businesses to submit their details.

If you would like to list your business, please find the appropriate category in the directory anc click the “Suggest a listing for this category” link. You'll need to set up an account the first time you submit a listing for review, but it's a simple process.

We also encourage you to send us corrections and suggestions. Listing corrections can be submitted by clicking the “Suggest changes for this listing” link on the listing page. You can also your requests.

A Little Background

Chiangmaiinfo.com is one of Chiang Mai's older websites. The site was first conceived in 1999 as a joint venture between Within Design Co., Ltd, a leading Chiang Mai graphic design company, and what was shortly to become Intropica Co., Ltd, a Chiang Mai-based web services company. The first pages were served in early 2000.

The site took its cue from the printed book Chiang Mai Info. That volume of facts and addresses was maintained and published annually by Within Design for several years. It was a useful book, and well regarded as one of the few sources of accurate phone numbers. Rumour has it some people still hold onto copies to this day.

The annual Chiang Mai Info in turn took its lead from an earlier free monthly publication called Trip Info, which was published for several years in the mid-late 1990s. We still carry some of the old Trip Info articles on the site - they have stood the test of time pretty well.

But what of today? Well, while the site attracted plenty of visitors throughout the 2000s it was left to languish somewhat. We've been fairly diligent with updating addresses and phone numbers during that time, but little more of the site's potential has been realised. A rewrite has been underway since about 2004, but has progressed slower than the technologies it used. Finally in mid 2008 we're taking steps to bring things up to date.

From the start we stressed that this resource was for the people of Chiang Mai. That holds more than ever today. We're always open to your requests and suggestions.