Nimmanhaemin Rd, Chiang Mai

Nimmanhaemin Rd

Coolest, Funkiest Street in Town

Nimman is Chiang Mai's chicest neighbourhood. Since the mid-00s the kilometer-long road between Huay Kaew and Suthep has attracted trendy coffee shops, natty boutiques, hot and cool night spots and some of the city's most modern apartments. If you want to be seen - or want to watch people who want to be seen - this is probably the place for you.


Smoothie Blues - breakfast/brunch, sandwiches (wholemeal/baguette/pitta), mexican and seasonal specials, all washed down with generously large, freshly-blended smoothies. A favourite hang-out of the local new-media people.

Bake and Bite - sandwiches (on freshly baked wholesome breads), pies, mexican and breakfast dishes. Air-conditioned dining area as well as shaded outdoor seating. Bread and cookies to go.

Ming Muang - wide range of Thai, chinese and european dishes, as well as good coffee and many tea blends. Pleasant courtyard setting, with air-conditioned areas too.

Khun Churn - best known for it's daily vegetarian buffet featuring salads, thai dishes, soups, khao soi and khanom jeen washed down with free-flow herbal juices, and all for 98 Baht. The restaurant is a long-standing favourite among Chiang Mai's vegetarians.


Wawee, Starbucks and Doi Chang are all well-represented. But also keep an eye open for some of the smaller places.


Four O'Clock Bar tucked away down an alley opposite some street vendors, this unprepossessing little bar serves them ice cold. The friendly owner also has a good taste in music and decor. And there's tasty Indian dishes on offer sometimes too. Good at any time of the day.

Night Life

The Monkey Club - where it all started! Originally a small bar, this is now a hip venue with live music, sushi and terribly cool kids in a chilled water, steel and glass setting.

Warm Up - supposedly the hottest place in town. The crowds here chill out to funk and jazz in the outdoor area, while inside the beats keep a trendy crowd on their feet. Sushi bar and a full restaurant, as well as anything you can think of to drink.


Nimman Promenade - a couple of alleys lined with small boutiques selling plenty of unusual and eye-catching object from art and antiques to fashion and jewellery. Right next to Wawee on the west side of the street.

Soi 1 - this soi next to Rincome hotel is lined with stores featuring the best of Chiang Mai's hand-made furniture, arts and crafts.

Kasem Store - Not the original location, but maybe the most accessible. Kasem Store has been purveying fine foodstuffs, both local and imported, to Chiang Mai for decades. The Nimman branch carries all the usuals.

Gerard Collection - showroom for a local exporter of finely-made and distinctive bamboo furniture. Elegant, modern designs, durable and sustainable too.